A Mother’s Journey

If you have been pregnant before or find yourself in the current state, you can relate. Whether you have known someone personally or not, seeing the stages of pregnancy can be neat. These stages are neater when the mom-to-be photographs every step along the way. A mother can become a mother in so many ways! Taking on the role is what makes one a mother. This particular mother has a birth story.

Brittney and her family reach out late summer last year. She was so excited to speak as she found out she was expecting. They had 2 teenage daughters so this was going to be a like new experience for them!

After a few months, Brittney and I met back up for her maternity session. I got my hands on a beautiful gown for a few days and thought it would be perfect to have her in. We bared the cold and had fun for a total of 10 mins!

A birthing plan is always set in place, but still things change and well, babies come when they want! Brittany gave me a heads up one morning that baby girl was on her way and they were moving the scheduled cesarean up to that afternoon! I threw somethings together and head that way. Shortly after getting there, they got started and little Miss Phenix made her entrance.

As this momma welcomed her new little one into the world, I made my way home. It’s an emotional roller coaster during this process. Really it would be during any process when becoming a mom; no matter a new mom or a mom of 6! I mean, who hasn’t cried becoming a fur momma! I know I have, as it is a passionate thing taking on that role!

This journey was like new for Brittney, as her youngest was already close to being a teenager. Stepping back and letting this bonding moment was pure bliss.

I followed up a few days later to see Phenix and momma again to grab a few moments in the recovery room before they got discharged. Followed by a small newborn family session.

A mothers story is like no other. There are so many different sides to it, so many different emotions and much more. No matter if it’s yours, your mother’s or grandmother’s story it all comes down to the same thing: love. A mother loves.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom roles out there. Fur moms, birth moms, moms who have rainbows, moms who adopt and anyone taking on a motherly role to give love! We see you and we love you.

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