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When you meet a wild kind of love in Miami, FL and you go to college at Miami University in Ohio there is a reason for that.

Anyone can unite their love anywhere they desire (for the most part) nowadays. Grab an officiant, your attire and head out. It is 2020 and if this year has not started off weird enough for you, then you need to come out from under the rock! Couples need to explore the options of smaller weddings, more intimate and even elopements. While they are big in the west coast area, they just aren’t as pronounced here. So where do you begin, how do you plan or what do you expect throughout? All great questions and this blog should help guide you a little easier.

An idea sparked…

Knowing where and when is the best start. Luckily I had my good and sweetheart of a friend Kelsey want to model for me! Her hottie friend was still in town from Miami FL, so we got to planning! Kelsey and Willi didn’t have any plans in place for a week, but gave me their schedules so we could make a day work for all of us. We happen to come up with a Monday afternoon. Unsure of the weather, we planned to walk around downtown and the college streets of Miami University for this example of an Oxford downtown elopement.

I planned for some sweet treats for the two of them to have for the upcoming afternoon and helped pick out the attire. Fastforwarding to the day of, rain was in the mix. I reached out and spoke with Kelsey of the alternatives for the rain and we proceeded forward. Bouquet and champagne in hand, I headed out the door an hour south to Oxford, OH. The afternoon went as smooth as it could. While it did pour down rain on the drive over, the moment I got there the rain had stopped. After running around downtown capturing their flirty and playfulness, I said my goodbyes and parted ways after thanking them for the fun afternoon.

Why an elopement?

So, this is always a question that is asked from friends and family. Some get it and most are stuck in old times. However, an elopement is more traditional now a days for several reasons. Given Covid is a major factor currently and providing more clarity for couples who just want to get married (and party later with family). Couples who choose to elope, make the day about them focusing on each other. Friends and family can join in, but keeping the party small is key.

How does one plan? What do they plan?

Thinking about what you want and what your style is will help set the starting point. In this case, these two gems are very outgoing, the party types but laid back. Working as a nightclub promoter and a bartender, the downtown atmosphere seemed right up their ally. Being somewhat familiar with the town, so I wanted to show that you can elope even in a college town we went for it in downtown Oxford, OH. It has a little urban feel, as well as, the beautiful landscape surrounding the college and town. Telling their story and giving them an experience was key for me.

Not a city life kind of person? Check out this fun quarry elopement that is right outside of the city: https://chickadeesphotography.com/2020/06/01/a-quarry-love/

No matter what you are looking for, communicating it with your photographer and/or planner is key. We listen, and I definitely help plan when needed. You can choose a full day elopement or a short and sweet one, no matter your preference it is your choice in the end. Here is a great example to a home backyard elopement: https://chickadeesphotography.com/2020/04/28/backyard-elopement/

Ready to start planning your day? Let’s chat: chickadeesphotography.com/inquire

Fun Facts about Oxford and its little town: https://www.cityofoxford.org/about-oxford


Vendors: Flowers by Des for this gorgeous bouquet

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