hey y'all

Hey y'all- I am Jess Rene', and the lady that you choose to document your special moments!
A happy wife, a mother of a little nugget while being a professional photographer since 2014. I have officially been full time for a year now and love every moment of it! Born and grew up as an artist and want nothing more than to create art with the capture of you and your boo's love story just like mine! 

Inspired by the sound of the ocean, and the beauty of the land I grew up in the country side of peaceful Gulfport, always try to fill my images with that mood.

Always looking for that last little bit of golden light, that tear rolling down dads cheek when he sees his little girl walking down the aisle or a party that has some tacos! You hear people say they come for the cake- while this is true, I am here for the tacos if you have them!!

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Get to know..

How long have you been photographing?

What kind of gear do you carry?

Do you travel for your job?

Do you only do weddings?

I have been photographing since my middle school days. I have been that weirdo with a camera in my hand for years. So much that my parents would make fun of me for always wanting to take photos. But, they are super proud of me now and big supporters of my business that I have had for 6+ years now. 

I am a big Canon lover. I have 3 camera bodies and several lenses. Normal sessions and non events, I carry around a cute little backpack with a few essentials. When it comes to my wedding days you will see me toting around a roller bag with a few extra pieces. I love being over prepared!

I specialize in weddings and family beginnings. When I am not at one of these, I am enjoying a lifestyle session! While I enjoy photographing anything, I do limit myself to what I take on.

You just said the magic word- TRAVEL! Yes I do travel and often. I have family in multiple states, and I use this opportunity to travel and host petite sessions while I am in the area. I travel for weddings and elopements whether the couple is local or takes me with them! 
Where did you want to go?