Hey y'all- I'm the lady that you choose to document dashing day! Daring to be windswept by this wanderer is something you instantly will love. 

A happy wife, a mother of a little nugget while being a professional photographer since 2014. I have officially been full time for a year now and love every moment of it! Born and grew up as an artist and want nothing more than to create art with the capture of you and your boo's love story just like mine! 

Inspired by the sound of the ocean, and the beauty of the land I grew up in the countryside of peaceful Gulfport, always try to fill my images with that mood.


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When did you start photography?

Do you only do weddings?

Do you travel for your weddings or session?

What is your style?

When is the best time to book?

What happens after we book?

When do we get our photos?

Do you give out the raw unedited version?

Do you provide prints or albums?

Do you have a client closet?


Going way back to the good old high school days, I was the nerd on the yearbook staff and the kid who always got a new disposal camera each week. Coming all the way to now, starting a business in 2015 after switching from film to digital. 

I have been told I am on the moody side when it comes to color. While I can not disagree, I do still show a good bit of true color in the photos when editing. I love capturing the raw unseen emotions in the photos and helping you see the story being told. 

While I open my calendar up yearly, I do suggest the earlier the better! When you are wanting photos of a session in a certain time frame, its ok to book early! When you have your date set for your big day- book as soon as possible!

While I love weddings and elopements, I do love meeting families and documenting their lifestyle! I fill my time with family beginnings and lifestyle sessions when asked. 

Of course I do! I have done sessions up and down the east coast. I travel for weddings and elopements, as well! If you are looking to book me out of state and want to chat- let me know! I have a wishlist, and give a deal for those spots.

We celebrate! Seriously though, we plan any and all details you want to dish and I help with other details you may need. I send style guides, vendor recommendations, prep guides and more your way!

We all are excited to see the final image, I know this is the best part for me! Regular sessions are delivered with in 2 weeks or sooner and weddings are 4-6 weeks. During busy season, an extra week is added on depending work load, but I always let you know!

I certainly do! I am happy to help guide you through any additional items you wish to get with your images. While you did get the print release with your final photos, I always urge my clients to print with me as the quality is greater. 

While I wouldn't mind, it wouldn't represent my brand if I did! However, pending your session type a raw or unedited image may be available for purchase with rights.

Yes! While I give help planning your outfits for the theme/session, I do provide a small client closet. While it is limited to the ladies and kiddos, I have outfits of all sizes and great for those mommas who are expecting!

I'm ready to book! 

So you have questions! That's great, as I have some answers! Don't see a question below? Then shoot me an email and ask! 

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